Frequently Asked Questions for Sellers

1. How does escrow benefit sellers?

Escrow protects sellers by ensuring they receive payment only when all transaction conditions are met, enhancing security and trust.

2. What types of transactions can I use escrow for?

Our escrow service supports various transactions, including online purchases, freelance services, digital asset sales, and more. It's versatile and secure.

3. How do I create a transaction as a seller?

Creating a transaction is simple. Sign up, agree on terms with the buyer, and guide the process to ensure a smooth and secure transaction.

4. What if the buyer doesn’t fulfill their obligations?

In case of a buyer failing to meet commitments, our platform provides a structured process to address disputes and find a fair resolution.

5. What are the seller fees?

There are fees associated with seller transactions. Review our fee structure for detailed information on charges for different services.

6. How can I verify the identity of the buyer?

Identity verification is part of our process. We employ measures to ensure that buyers are genuine and transactions are secure.

7. Can I cancel a transaction after initiating it?

Cancellation policies vary. Review our terms and conditions to understand the conditions under which a cancellation is possible.

8. Is my personal information secure?

We prioritize the security of your information. Our platform uses encryption and follows best practices to safeguard your data.

9. How do I withdraw funds from escrow?

Withdrawal processes depend on transaction completion. Follow our guidelines for a seamless withdrawal experience.

10. How can I contact customer support as a seller?

Contacting customer support is easy. Visit our support section for contact details and assistance in resolving any issues.